Introducing UpScale by ScaleDoctors®

Fast, easy, one handed control.

No place to keep your bathroom scale? Think again! UpScale is the newest, most convenient way to store and use your bathroom scale.

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Here's how it works

You'll have effortless control of heavy glass scales at your fingertips.

Pull up, unlock.
Lower to ground.
Tap, zero scale.
Step on, weigh
Lift up.
Pull up, lock.

What makes UpScale the best bathroom scale storage?



Why trip over your scale when it can easily be mounted out of the way?


From stored to use in seconds! Complete control of even heavy glass scales with just the fingertips of one hand.

Ease of use.  Unlock, lower and weigh.
Multiple Locations.  Install on a wall or door.



With the back of a door as an option, you'll go from not having a place for your scale to having too many choices.



With your scale tight to the wall and out of the way, you won't even know it's there. Except, when you want to use it.


Can mount above a 6" baseboard.

Out of the way.  Mounts above 6" baseboard and tight to the wall.
Easy to install.  All hardware included.  We also have a install video.



If you can install a towel bar you can install UpScale. If you can't, watch our installation video. Yes you can!

All hardware included to attach to any surface your bathroom may have.

Attaches to your scale (bathroom scale not included).

Made in the USA

We design, make, assemble and package every UpScale from Horseheads, NY.

Feel free to call, txt or email us anything UpScale, bathroom scale or Whippet related.

We hope to hear from you - Brian, Lisa and Holly.

Made in the USA.  Make, assemble and package from Horseheads, NY.  Brian, Lisa and Holly.