Brian, Lisa & Holly

"There's a certain kind of comfort that comes from having easy, convenient access to things we use frequently"

The story behind our invention

We set out to solve one specific problem, make it easy to store and use our bathroom scale. We became frustrated every morning while we were trying to weigh ourselves. We didn't have a good place to keep our bathroom scale. We couldn’t leave it sitting out because it would be in the way and became a tripping hazard. Storing it in a cabinet had its problems too. When getting the scale in and out, it frequently knocked over the items around it. To avoid the fight with the scale, we often chose not to weigh ourselves

One day after battling with the scale, Lisa suggested that I make a device that would allow us to use the scale, then flip it up and out of the way when not in use. At the time we didn't know what that device would look like, but we knew if it could store the scale above the baseboard and tight to the wall, it would be convenient to use while also being out of the way.

Having worked in engineering my entire career, I knew I could make such a device. We originally set out to make this solely for our own personal use. While we were using a 3D printed prototype, we were amazed at how well it worked. When we realized a lot of people could benefit from this device, we decided to manufacture it and sell it ourselves. We use it every day and we know it will work as well for you as it does for us.

About Us

We're Lisa and Brian Wood (& Holly Wood). When we're not binge watching TV series, we're often assembling our product, making videos, testing bathroom scales or walking Holly. We've enjoyed working on projects together long before we started ScaleDoctors. We discovered that we have complimentary skills that are perfect for creating our own product.

Brian recently retired from his full time job in engineering. Over the past 35 years he's worked for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, General Motors and Whirlpool. His background in 3D CAD, manufacturing, design and prototyping were a natural fit for designing and manufacturing our invention.

Lisa's previous experience in retail and healthcare help turn the technical design details into a usable consumer product. Her knowledge in spreadsheets and her organizational skills help manage inventory and keep the business running. She also has extensive experience in graphics design and produces the images and videos on our website.

Even though Holly is an adorable Whippet, she plays an important role at ScaleDoctors. Holly reminds us that life isn't always about work. Sometimes you need to play, take breaks and go for walks. Maybe, once in a while take a nap in the afternoon.