The UpScale Scale is now ScaleDoctors

Published on 26 June 2022 at 20:12

We changed our name from The UpScale Scale to ScaleDoctors.

Due to the growth of our business, we're changing our name.  Even before we built our first prototype, we loved the name "UpScale" for our invention.  It's descriptive in what it does and adds a touch of class.  As Upscale became popular and we started selling more and more, we needed to trademark our name.  Unfortunately, UpScale wasn't available to trademark. If our business was to grow, we needed a name that was trademarked.

Which brings us to ScaleDoctors!  ScaleDoctors is still owned and made by its inventors Brian & Lisa Wood, we're just going by a new name.  You'll still get the same great product and service you're used to.  In the future, along with our invention, we plan to focus on proper use of your bathroom scale and bathroom scale reviews.

Thanks to all our great customers that have made our product a success, necessitating the need for the name change.  We hope to keep selling our made in the USA invention for many years to come and continue to grow even more!