FAQ about ScaleKeeper

Does ScaleKeeper affect your scale's accuracy?

No. Anytime you move a scale, you must re-zero it. This includes lowering your scale from stored to use position with ScaleKeeper. When your scale is re-zeroed, the added weight of ScaleKeeper will be zeroed out too.

Do I need to zero my scale before weighing myself with ScaleKeeper?

Yes! Digital scales need to be zeroed every time they've been moved, even if it's just from the stored up position to the down use position.

Does ScaleKeeper work with scales with body analysis sensors?

We have not tested it with scales that have BMI sensors. We're not convinced that the BMI readings are accurate. That being said, as long as the attachment bracket can be attached to the scale without touching the sensor, it should work just fine.

FAQ about Scales

How do I zero my scale?

Step on your scale and apply a little
pressure to wake it up. Take your foot off and wait until its display shows zero. Your owners manual will have the correct zeroing method for your scale if it differs from above.

Do scales have memory where they repeat the previous result even if it's incorrect?

We've observed this on most scales we've tested. Scale manufacturers know customers want to get repeatable results when they step back on the scale to see if it's consistent so they "help" the scale be more consistent by giving the previous result.

If you suspect your scale is doing this, hold something that weighs a few pounds and weigh yourself with it. Then weigh yourself again and you should get a new, more accurate result.